Interview mit Jennifer Smith

How and when did you start writing?
I loved to write even when I was just a kid. So it feels like I’ve been writing my whole life!
How does a normal writing day at your home look like?
There’s really no such thing as a normal writing day — I wish there was! Some days are really productive. And some days when I sit down to write, it just doesn’t seem to work. So when things are going well, I try to stick with it. And when they’re not, I usually go out and do something else instead. It’s maybe not the best or most scientific process, but you have to do what works for you!
Is there a special author who influenced your writing-Projects?
I like to think I’ve learned something from every author whose books I’ve read along the way.
Are there any tips you have for young kids or teenagers who have the dream to become an author one day?
Read, read, read! The more you read, the more you get a sense for what makes a book tick, and the more you develop the instincts you’ll need for your own writing. So read as much and as widely as you can.
Can you describe yourself with 3 adjectives?
Creative, kind, lucky.
Can you describe your book „This is what happy looks like“ in five sentences?
I can do even better than that — I can describe it in one! „This Is What Happy Looks Like“ is about what happens when an email goes astray, connecting two teens from opposite sides of the country — Ellie, a girl from a small town in Maine, and Graham, a boy from California who also happens to be a movie star.
Do you know any real people who are represented in the characters in your book? Is there someone who inspired you to invent Ellie?
I try not to base my main characters on anyone I know, though I often steal jokes and little personality traits from certain people in my life. But Ellie just sort of came to life on her own. I wanted to write about someone who was living out what’s a fantasy for so many people — to have this gorgeous movie star falling for you — but who, because of her own past, is understandably really wary of all the attention that comes along with it, which is what causes a lot of the conflict in the book.
Where do you usually work?
Sometimes at home, and sometimes in coffee shops with some of my friends who are also authors, which is always fun!
Do you plan to write new book in the future?
Yes, in fact I have a new book called „Windfall“ coming out here in the US next month. It’s about a girl who has been in love with her best guy friend for years, and on his eighteenth birthday — sort of as a joke — she buys him a lottery ticket, and he ends up winning a huge amount of money….which, of course, changes everything. It will be published in Germany at some point too!
Did you feel happy while you were writing the book? As me while I was reading it?
I’m so glad it made you happy! I love hearing that from readers. It was a really fun book to write, so it makes me happy to look back on it too. And actually, it’s the only book where I’ve wanted to revisit the characters — I loved Ellie and Graham so much that I wrote a mini sequel called „Happy Again.“
Thank you for the interview! And good luck with following Projects!
Thank YOU for all the great questions!